Products for stone restoration

For the restoration of stone in architectural, monumental, or historical buildings, we provide 6 distinct product lines that are suitable for treating different surface conditions.

Consolidants, anti-graffiti agents, adjuvants, protective coatings, cleaners, resins, and emulsions are the primary types of products that our team uses to restore, preserve, clean, and protect original stone surfaces over time.

Products suitable for every type of stone

These treatments allow for action on various types of stone supports, including marble, sandstone, trachyte, tuff, brick, and even plastered surfaces. They restore the original conditions, conserve, clean, and protect the surfaces with specific and durable solutions over time.

Our product line for stone restoration is the result of constant scientific and technological updates developed within the company through university projects and collaborations with other companies. It begins with an analysis of possible causes of degradation and formulates specific protective systems for each individual case.

For over 35 years, we have worked alongside restorers, decorators, craftsmen, and companies in the field of protective systems for wall and stone surfaces for the restoration of ancient and historical monumental and civil structures. Based on an assessment of each client’s needs, we recommend the most suitable solution to achieve optimal results and perfect protection from UV rays, weathering, and degradation over time.

Technical documentation for all of our stone restoration products is available, and samples can be requested to directly test their quality.


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