A water-based protective agent based on polysiloxanes and fine-particle acrylic resin in water emulsion. It is a product with a consolidating, water-repellent action for absorbent surfaces such as natural stone, cementitious substrates (on which it performs anti-carbonation action), bricks and building substrates in general. It combines the consolidating characteristics of the acrylic component with the water-repellent characteristics of the siloxane component.MAIN


Performs consolidating action on disaggregated substrates, imparting water-repellent properties, with a single product. By reducing water absorption, disaggregating reactions that can compromise the structure of the substrate are significantly limited. The penetration capacity allows it to retain good vapor permeability and to carry out the protective action in depth, avoiding the formation of surface concentrations of product.All water-repellent action products must be restored every 3 to 4 years to maintain the protective properties.


The product is supplied ready to use. In order to establish the optimal consumption according to absorption, carry out preliminary tests before treatment on representative samples of the material on which you are working. The substrate must be clean; traces of moisture do not affect the use of the product, however, they mayhinder its penetration. Application can be done by brush or spray. Regardless of the application system adopted, operate with the “wet-on-wet” technique, proceeding from the bottom up, to avoid product drippings on the untreated substrate remaining evident after application is completed. In case the substrate does not fully absorb the product, the excess must be removed (with rag, brush, etc.), before drying, to avoid the formation of translucent surface deposits. Operate at temperatures of 10 to 30°C, including of the substrate, avoiding application in full sun to avoid impairing penetration. Treated surfaces should be protected from rain for the first 24-48 h after application.Clean tools with water immediately after use.


The yield varies depending on the absorption of the substrate and the state of deterioration.On average, 0,2 –0,5 L /m2 is treated


Active content 9%

Density 1,01 kg/L

Shelf life in original packaging min. 12 months

Min. storage temperature (frost resistance) > 5°C