Product based on low molecular weight silane organ and acrylic resin in solution, for the consolidating and water-repellent treatment of absorbent surfaces such as natural stones, cementitious supports (on which it performs an anti-carbonation action), bricks and building supports in general. It combines the consolidating properties of the acrylic component with the water-repellent properties of the silane component.


Consolidates disaggregated substrates, giving them water-repellent properties, with a single product. By reducing water absorption, it significantly limits disintegrating reactions that can compromise the structure of the substrate. The ability to penetrate makes it possible to maintain good vapour permeability and to carry out the protective action in depth, avoiding the formation of surface concentrations of product.

All water-repellent products must be restored every 3-4 years to maintain their protective properties.


The product is supplied ready to use. In order to establish the best consumption according to the absorption and degradation of the support, before the treatment carry out preliminary tests on samples representative of the material on which it is applied. The substrate must be dry and clean, with no obstacles to penetration. The application can be carried out by brush or spray (with explosion-proof equipment) using nozzles of 0.9-1.2 mm and pressure not exceeding 1.5-2 bars, to avoid excessive atomisation of the product. Regardless of the application system adopted, use the “wet on wet” technique, working from the bottom upwards, to avoid product dripping onto the untreated substrate after application is complete. If the surface of the product is translucent at the end of the treatment, it means that too much product has been applied. To avoid this, treat the substrate with a solvent (for synthetics, nitro) to allow the acrylic polymer to dissolve again, so that it can be absorbed by the substrate or removed using swabs.

Do not apply in direct sunlight to avoid too rapid evaporation of the solvent that would compromise the deep penetration of the product. Treated surfaces must be protected from rain for the first 24-48 hours after application.

Clean tools with thinner (nitro, synthetic, white spirit) immediately after use.


The yield varies depending on the absorption of the support and the state of deterioration.

On average, 0,2 – 0,5 L /m2 can be treated.


Active content 10%.

Density 0,8 kg/L

Shelf life in original packaging min. 12 months