Product based on silane-fluorinated aqueous emulsion, for the water-oil repellent treatment of absorbent surfaces such as natural stone, cementitious substrates (on which it performs anticarbonation action), bricks and building substrates in general.


Significantly reduces water absorption by limiting the disintegrating action in the structure of the treated substrate. The nature of the active ingredient used, with high surface tension, makes it possible to counteract the absorption even of oily substances. Used for this purpose it is necessary to apply the product in quantities proportional to the absorption, particularly in very porous substrates (even in the presence of joints), for this reason it is necessary to preliminarily perform tests on representative parts of the material to be treated, to verify also the possible chromatic toning..


The product is supplied ready to use. The surfaces to be treated must be clean, free of oil, grease or other dirt that hinders the penetration of the product. A slight degree of humidity of the substrate does not affect the treatment, however, if it is high, the presence of water in the capillaries of the artifact prevents the penetration of the protective. Application can be carried out by brush or spray, for horizontal surfaces also by shaved pile roller. Regardless of the application system adopted, operate with the “wet-on-wet” technique, on vertical surfaces always proceed from the bottom up to avoid product drippings on the untreated substrate remaining evident after application is completed. In case the substrate does not fully absorb the product, the excess must be removed (with rag, brush, etc.), before drying.

Remove oily substances by absorption with swabs or other suitable means as soon as possible after they are spread; prolonged surface contact may cause partial absorption. If degreasing (non-chemically aggressive) cleaners are used, plan to reapply the protectant after washing to maintain treatment performance.

Operate at temperatures between 10-30°C, including of the substrate, and avoid applying in direct sunlight so as not to impair penetration.

Clean tools with water immediately after use.


The yield varies depending on the absorption of the substrate and the state of deterioration.

On average, 0,1 – 0,3 L /m2 is treated


Active content 7%

Density 1,01 kg/L

Shelf life in original packaging min. 12 months

Min. storage temperature (frost resistance) > 5°C